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Learn More About Yourself by Exploring the Potential of Your Body

"Over the years of studying exercise & nutritional sciences to optimize my bodybuilding efforts, I’ve appreciated the internal transformation, development of discipline, & character building even more so than the external transformation. Although your initial motivation may stem from external dissatisfaction, one of the most amazing wins that comes from improving your health & fitness, is seeing your self-confidence and mental resilience grow and strength as your body does. Although my primary interest has stemmed from “Bodybuilding”, my aim here at the School of Gainz is to continue to grow in all aspects in life, learn about all topics that can improve our health & well being, and share that with this wonderful community of students.  I will continue to be a student, constantly seeking to learn more, while sharing that thirst for knowledge with you all".

- Chris Barakat, Founder of School of Gainz
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Our Mission

The School of Gainz is an online learning center with educators within the Health Science & Human Performance field seeking to help others improve their overall wellness through exercise, nutritional, & lifestyle practices. By combining evidence-based training techniques & dietary practices, we help others improve their fitness, body composition & overall health. Increasing individual fitness goes beyond just gaining physical strength. Losing fat & building muscle has enormous benefits well beyond just improving your body composition, but leads to better physical, mental, & emotional health, and our goal is to help you achieve your best-self & create a sustainable lifestyle you truly enjoy. 

Our team’s professionals currently consist of Sports Nutritionists, Exercise Physiologists, Athletic Trainers, & Registered Dieticians. We are glad to collaborate with all health-care professionals and are happy to learn from & welcome others to teach our students at the School of Gainz.