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Chris Barakat

ms, atc, cissn
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Chris Barakat
Chris Barakat
Chris Barakat

Education & Certifications

Master of Science

Exercise and Nutrition

University of Tampa (2016)

Bachelor of Science

Athletic Training

Stony Brook University (2015)


Athletic Trainer (ATC)

Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN)

Chris Barakat

My Background

Christopher Barakat has helped many individuals reach their goals and exceed their expectations of what they can accomplish. He is an adjunct professor & human performance researcher at the University of Tampa teaching various courses on nutrition, exercise fundamentals, and supplementation. His world renowned research on Building Muscle & Losing Fat is in the top 2% of all research outputs & has gained a lot of attention in the health & fitness space.

His primary interest is in optimizing body composition outcomes & athletic performance via exercise & nutrition practices. His interests extend well beyond the physical & he is constantly aiming to improve mental/emotional health through holistic practices. 

Chris will always continue to strive to grow as a coach, learn from others in the industry, interpret new scientific findings, and use his experiences to better himself and those around him.


Chris is also a Professional Natural Bodybuilder (WNBF) himself with 4 contest prep seasons under his belt.  He started competing as a teenager in 2011 and was successful out the gate winning his novice bantamweight class as well as the teen division at the INBF Long Island Experience. He then competed in 2013 and won the Open Lightweight and Juniors division at the INBF Northeast America.  In 2017, Chris competed at the 2017 NPC Tampa Bay Classic where he won his Classic Physique Class and Open Middleweight class.  He then competed in his home turf at the 2017 INBF Hercules Championships where he finished 2nd in the Open Lightweight Class.  He then flew across the country to California to compete at the INBF Muscle Mayhem and also finished in 2nd place in the Open Lightweight Class there. In 2021, Chris returned to the competitive stage by winning the Open Lightweight class at the INBF Naturalmania in NY, the Open Middleweight & Classic Physique Class A at the NPC Hurricane Bay competition in St. Pete FL, and the entire bodybuilding class (overall) at the INBF Monster Mash in Worcester MA where he earned his professional status. The next day, he made his pro debut and won the Bodybuilding class at the WNBF Monster Mash. 

Although Chris’ primary goal is to ensure his athletes on Team Competitive Breed maximize their potential and bring their best, his competitive endeavors are nowhere near done! No specific contest date is set, but Chris will be back on stage to compete amongst the best Natural Pro Bodybuilders in the World as a means to constantly push his personal development & belief in self. 

Chris Barakat