July 1, 2021

Optimizing Peri-Workout Nutrition

If you like to geek out, this episode is for you. That’s because I’m getting into the weeds with Chris Barakat on peri-workout nutrition.

If you don’t know what that means, peri-workout nutrition refers to the food you eat before, during, and after training. We’re talking pre-workout meals, post-workout feasts, and even intraworkout replenishment.

Now, one important point (and one we’ll get into further in the episode) is that the advanced strategies Chris discusses are optimizations, as opposed to foundational knowledge.  If you’re someone who just wants to get in shape without too much fuss, get your energy balance right and follow a meal plan that hits your macro targets, and you’re going to be doing better than most.

In other words, get the most important things right, most of the time, and you’ll do well. But if you’re someone who likes to optimize--someone who wants to do everything you can to eke out every ounce of progress possible, these are the types of dietary strategies you should at least be thinking about. These small tweaks may not make a noticeable difference in the moment, but they can move the needle over time.

Even if that’s not you, though, I think you’ll find this episode interesting, and you just may learn a strategy or two you’d like to try. In our chat, Chris and I talk about . . .

What peri-workout nutrition is

Specific macros and food choices for pre-workout and post-workout nutrition

Whether the glycemic index of your carb choices matters

Carbohydrate supplements

When intraworkout nutrition is useful (and when it’s not)

And much more . . .

If you’re not familiar with Chris, he’s not only a member of Legion’s Scientific Review Board, he’s also a published scientist, educator, coach, and natural bodybuilder, so he’s had many years of developing his book smarts and “in the trenches” know-how, and definitely knows how to get results. So take a listen and let me know which of the strategies we discuss you’ll be implementing, as well as your own favorite peri-workout foods. :)


0:00 - Intro

5:06 - What is peri-workout nutrition?

19:46 - What does a pre-workout meal look like?

25:33 - What are your thoughts on carbohydrate supplements?

35:51 - What should your protein and fat intake look like before a workout?

40:44 - How do you approach post workout?

47:12 - Is resynthesis more efficient at night?

By: Chris Barakat, MS, ATC, CISSN