September 22, 2020

Iron Culture Podcast (Dr. Eric Helms & Omar Isuf)

[Time Stamps]

0:00 Intro

4:57 Guest Introduction

9:22 Christopher’s Perspective on Body Recomposition

15:58 Misunderstandings about Body Recomposition

23:20 Evidence of Recomposition being Real. How/Why Recomposition is Real

40:02 How Relevant is the Body Recomposition Data to the Average Listener? How Significant is Body Recomposition?

50:25 Some of the Underlying Mechanisms Behind why Body Recomposition is Possible

56:56 How does Body Fat Ranges Affect Building Muscle for Competitors?

1:03:00 Ideal Approaches for Body Recomposition

1:12:04 How Putting Conscious Efforts Outside of the Gym Might Yield Greater Dividends Inside the Gym

1:20:15 What Are Some of the Variables that Individuals Can Manipulate to Get a Better Physique?

1:32:08 Closing Statements: Don’t be Discouraged to Make More Progress

By: Christopher Barakat, MS, ATC, CISSN