July 4, 2020

Anabolic Radio Podcast: Adjusting & Adapting

"In this episode of Anabolic Radio I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend Christopher Barakat who’s the owner of an educational brand School of Gains, head coach at Competitive Breed, and professor/researcher at Tampa University. Now while there is some uncertainty during COVID-19 that doesn’t mean we can’t still progress toward our body composition/health related goals during this period of time.

Despite the best-laid plans, life isn’t always predictable. External events and unexpected circumstances often create chaos- causing us to lose focus and get distracted. At times like these, you can reclaim some sense of security by focusing on what you can control. Find comfort in your habits. Find structure in your plans. Find certainty in your routines. Then use the power of focus to direct your energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to the things most likely to give you what you want. That’s how your best self can thrive— regardless of what’s going on around you. Thank you Chris for your time, looking forward to having him on for future discussions."

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By: Christopher Barakat, MS, ATC, CISSN